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20 Coolest South African Band Names

So here they are. The 20 Coolest South African Band Names… in my opinion at least ;)

Starting from the bottom of the top 20, let’s begin.

20. Munk
Munk. What is a Munk? The brilliance of this name is in the multitude of images it provokes. Could it mean Munk, as in church monk? I get a whole lot of biblical images when thinking about this name. Great band. Cool name.

19. Agro
Agro are one of the coolest and best South African bands. Their music is epic, and it must be said, they have a pretty cool name as well. “Last night I saw Agro.” “How was it?” “Pretty Agro boet.”

18. Desmond and the Tutus
The first time I heard this band name, I rolled around laughing. Desmond Tutu is an amazing person. And this is an amazing band name.

17. Fuzigish
“Fuzi coming at you with the fat ska beatin’!” Fuzigish are an awesome band and one of my personal favourites. What exactly is a ‘fuzigish’? Umm… der… it’s a gish which is fuzi.

16. Freshly Ground
Freshly Ground is such a cool name. It evokes images of coffee, Africa, South Africa and some awesome music. I’ll take a double shot latte of some freshly ground please.

15. Misericord

One of South Africa’s best, if not the best South African metal band. I was really upset to hear that they have very recently disbanded. Nonetheless, cool band, cool music and cool name.

14. Goldfish
Goldfish have really taken South Africa by storm. Their epic tunes resonate throughout the country, and personally, I don’t know many people who have not seen them live. It must said, Goldfish is a pretty cool name.

13. Zebra and Giraffe
I lol’d hard when I first heard this band name. Although quickly gained my composure when I heard their music. These guys rock and will continue to do so for years to come. Cool name, even cooler band.

12. Gross Misconduct
I am a great fan of punk band names, and this is prime example of why they are so brilliant. Gross misconduct, the premediated, serious, unlawful action, is the name this band holds; and what a cool one it is.

11. Deity’s Muse
An excellent band with an excellent name. It sounds all cool and evil and stuff. A winner!

10. Fokofpolisiekar
While this name has largely lost its edge, with increasing repetition through the media, it must be said: Fokofpolisiekar is the most controversial name that a South African band with large commercial success has ever had. I still think it’s pretty cool.

9. Taxi Violence
What a cool name, while pretty scary at the same time. I reckon that only South Africans will know what Taxi Violence entails. Cool name; although, a horrific event.

8. Knave
What exactly is a Knave? ” A deceitful and unreliable scoundrel.” How cool is that? A cool name which matches an equally cool band.

7. Unlisted

I love this name. +10 points

6. Running With Scissors

I lol endlessly at this expression and band name. It is one which has been used for centuries and something which all of us are told at least once in our lives. Plus it evokes the key defiance of conventional norms which is so critical to the being of punk music.

5. The Rudimentals

Man, oh man! What a cool band! What a cool name! Pretty clever too. For those of you who do not know, rudiment means the key, bare essentials.

4. Sugardrive

It was a great name back then. It is still great name now. Me likey.

…. and the bronze medal goes to….

3. The Dirty Skirts
What a brilliant name! So indie! Very cool, and a very cool band as well.

…. and in second place….

2. Guns Go Bang
This name is absolute genius. Bang Bang! Skiet Skiet! Guns go bang! and our music does too.

…. and the coolest South African band name is….

1. The Vendetta Cartel
This gets my vote as the coolest South African band name. It must be said, this is bloody cool band! It has a cool name, makes cool music and has the coolest members.


Now, i know I have probably left out loads of names and you might disagree with order. As such, I’m going to sit down and work out the 100 coolest South African Band Names. So if you are in a band, drop me a comment here!

So what do you think are the coolest South African band names?

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Written by Bret Dugmore

Bret is MusicReview's founder and editor. He has an eclectic taste in music, but has a particular soft spot for prog rock, punk and alternative. When not listening to music or working, you will most likely find him on his PS3 or cooking.

  • John

    There was one called The Stevie Wonderfuls

  • Anton Marshall

    Three More White Guys

  • Dane

    What about Stillborn Society? Cool list!

  • Kirsty

    One Day remains – they are back o the scene and better than ever! Cant wait for the album to be released!

  • Jono.

    Rad to see Deity’s Muse on the list, good choice. My other favourate names are: Marlowe, Only Forever, Poverty Of Ideals, Even Flow (Hot chick vocalist with PJ song as name, can’t go wrong) aaaaaaand….


  • Greg

    What about the name
    When Karma Sleeps?

  • Betteretter

    Anybody heard of Mugshot – Awesome

  • Rambo

    what about the new up and coming rock band from cape town? Their name is Scarlequin. Awesome band man.

  • Bob

    Shittest band name list ever.

    Does nobody remember The Stevie Wonderfuls? Or Humphrey The Teacup? Or ATFN?

  • Avocado

    The Light Exchange

  • Collette

    Awesome news about Guns Go Bang, really bitchn’ band, am very proud to know the band members…….u dudes ROCK!!!

  • http://www.shanesfishing.co.za fisherman

    What about UNCLE STOMACH ?

  • Leon the Sonic Terrorist

    My vote goes to The Insisters.We wanted to call our band Free Beer but no-one would book us…

  • Sedrick

    My top 5 SA Bands

    1. Wake to wonder- (To wake up to something spectacular or a realization of a new day)- These dudes have tweaked their sound alot since they first began and have held SA music high by touring Europe in July/August 2011, max props and respect to them. One of SAs hardest working bands who do not get enough exposure

    2. The Frail- Hardcore party music! these dudes can party an entire month without blinking an eye, cool guys, great music!

    3. All Will Fall- These dudes have claimed acrazy hits on Youtube! more than popular SA Bands, Great bunch of dudes,

    4. Chromium- Great guys! Always gigging and throwing out some serious shapes on the dancefloor after every gig

    5. Graeme Watkins Project- Not the most orginal name in the world, but great dudes and fantastic musos!

  • Jamey

    DIE ANTWOORD….. Watkin “ninja” and Yolandi are the whoop! Freaky flows!

  • Jamey


  • Horus

    “Guns Go Bang”? Are you fucking serious?

  • Ry

    Did the person who compiled this list ever listen to music older than 2004??

  • E3Q

    Do you even live in SA… name the one band that has their own movie, that made the first ever swearing words to be published on SA national TV, that unsigned sold more than 80 0000 copies… Fokofpolsiekar!!!!

    Die heuwels van tasties
    Van coke cartel
    Die tuindwergies
    Mr cat and the jackel

  • Dollon

    What about Bringing A Shark To a Gunfight??? they should be in there. And guns go band? you cant be serious that there name is better than Bringing A Shark To A Gunfight. Come on man. Disappointed.

  • jodie

    Hey u guys rock

  • http://www.thehowlinshibanski.com Midiane

    The Howlin’ Shibanski :)

  • Jason Tree

    The Stray Natives :0

  • Bronson

    Cant leave out 3rd World Spectator!

    Just a cool band and a great name!

  • N Kim

    Best for me were names during the 80’s like
    Winston’s Jive Mix Up, and
    Benny B Flat Funk and the Sons of Gaddafi Barmitzvah Band!

  • Kerry

    Turning August is a great sa band and what an original name!

  • Kerry

    Son of the gun is pretty awesome too!

  • Matt Haddon

    Please make a new list! This article was awesome!

  • Steve Williams

    anyone remember a band with the wonderful name “No friends of Harry”?