Review: Chris Norman – The Hits! Smokie – And the Solo Years

Sergio listens to Chris Norman’s ‘The Hits!’.

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Artist Name: Chris Norman
Album Name: The Hits! Smokie – And the Solo Years
Year: 2009
Genre: Rock/Soft Rock

There’s no doubt that the day Chris Norman left Smokie, the band was pretty much a finished entity. Now a couple million years later – just kidding, mom, I know this is from your era – Norman has released a superb double album and live DVD package, The Hits! Smokie – And the Solo Years.

The first disc is a quick revisit to his Smokie years. All the karaoke classics like ‘Don’t Play Your Rock’n’Roll to Me’, ‘Living Next Door to Alice’ (who the f**k is Alice?), and ‘Needles and Pins’ are present and just waiting to be re-sung in your shower auditorium. According to my mom, these songs were so popular in their day that even the dinosaurs hummed along to them – I’m sorry, mom. I couldn’t resist :)

The second disc is a collection of Norman’s solo material with some previously unreleased tracks. And I’ve got to say that I was actually impressed by a helluva lot of the tracks. His voice in ‘Some Hearts Are Diamonds’ is just so passionate and intense – I wish they still made singers like him today instead of these cloned robotic voices that infest our radios and TVs.

The DVD is a performance of his 2007 acoustic tour in Berlin – and what more can I say? It’s exceptional! You’ll be given a mesmerising visual performance of 25 golden oldies which you’ve probably just heard in your CD player.

Regardless of your opinion of Chris Norman or Smokie, there is no doubt that fans will treasure and worship this release. For the amount of timeless classics (and DVD) that you’ll be getting, it really is an amazing bargain!

Best Tracks: ‘Living Next Door to Alice’, ‘Some Hearts Are Diamonds’, and ‘The Night Has Turned Cold’


- Sergio Pereira

Written by Sergio Pereira

  • Isabel

    Hi Sergio,

    Not worried about your dinosaur comment… who cares, the music is great and after watching Twilight this week-end I am going to turn into a vampire, be undead forever and see you age!!!! Ah Ah Ah

  • sergiop

    Mom, stop embarassing me in front of my friends :P

  • BretD


    Umm… Mrs Pereira, please tell Sergio to stop bullying me and to stop being naughty. :(