Review: The Narrow – You Don’t Get To Quit

A review of The Narrow’s You Don’t Get To Quit.


Artist Name: The Narrow
Album Name: You Don’t Get To Quit
Year: 2010
Genre: Rock

The Narrow are back with their latest album You Don’t Get To Quit.

Upon first listen, it’s evident that The Narrow have gone through a bit of a sound modification since Travellers. The in-your-face bass-laced tone from the past has given way to a traditional overdriven sound, as the album takes on a more standard rock approach – along with a slight hint of indie infusion too. Any other band might’ve been crucified by their fans for the change, but The Narrow have developed such an amazing rapport with their supporters, they’d be able to become a dance act and still sell out gigs!

The evolution of Hanu de Jong as a singer is also here for all to hear – proving that you don’t need to be a screamer to be successful. Despite the fact that he has always been one of the most talented vocalists in the local scene, he has somehow managed to top everything with some spectacular numbers on YDGTQ – forget about ‘Lonely, Lonely’, the new sing-along anthem is ‘You Don’t Get To Quit’!

Lyrically, You Don’t Get To Quit inspires and challenges you with thoughtful lyrics on a variety of topics. While it certainly is easy on the ear, it’s also extremely absorbing and a perfect example of intelligent, well-written rock.

Not meaning to intentionally quote one of their earlier tracks, but The Narrow have really pushed up a level with the release of You Don’t Get To Quit. So far, it is the best local album of the year in my book.

PS If you have the chance to see the band live, please do. These songs translate into amazing live performances.

Best Tracks: ‘Won’t Satisfy’, ‘You Don’t Get To Quit’, and ‘Hunt The Ghosts’


- Sergio Pereira
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Written by Sergio Pereira