Review: We Are The Fallen – Tear The World Down

Sergio reviews We Are The Fallen’s Tear The World Down.

Artist Name: We Are The Fallen
Album Name: Tear The World Down
Year: 2010
Genre: Symphonic Rock

I’ve had to give this a few more listens than I normally would.  At first, I dismissed it as a complete rip-off of Evanescence and Within Temptation, but, after some intense listening sessions, I actually found We Are The Fallen’s Tear The World Down to be rather tricky.

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight: the Ben Moody (ex-Evanescence) influence is undeniable! It does sound a lot like Evanescence’s Fallen (even WATF’s name is a slight offshoot of that album title), hence the constant (and merited) comparisons. It also doesn’t help that they perform symphonic rock and Carly Smithson’s operatic voice is way too similar to Amy Lee’s. In terms of that, it is blatantly obvious that they’re trying to tread in Evanescence’s territory.

Nonetheless, you have to draw the line between influence and imitation. When the album starts to sound like a B-side of Fallen, it becomes testing. One song that particularly annoys me is ‘Sleep Well, My Angel’, which should’ve been titled ‘My Immortal Pt. 2’. It follows the exact mood and generic song structure as ‘My Immortal’; piano and tear-jerking vocals for the most part, before climaxing into a full-blown rock ballad – extremely clichéd and puke-worthy musical piece.

Now here’s the crazy thing, when WATF avoid imitating Moody’s previous group and do their own thing, they’re actually pretty good – perhaps even better than Evanescence! ‘I Will Stay’ and ‘St. John’ are two diamonds in the rough, which would put most other symphonic rock numbers to shame  – they’re original, beautifully written and well orchestrated pieces. If the band manages to build on these two tracks for future releases, Amy Lee might as well put her microphone down and go wash dishes in a soup kitchen.

I understand that Ben wrote most of the music for Evanescence, but Tear The World Down seems like he’s still trying to prove something to himself or Amy or the fans – who knows? He needs to let go and move on if his new musical project is to be as successful. We Are The Fallen have talent, but they need to find their own identity, instead of just being musical pantomimes.

Best Tracks: ‘I Will Stay’ and ‘St. John’


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Written by Sergio Pereira

  • Hamed


    That’s so clear… Ben Moody is trying to say which fallen and all its honors (Grammy specially) was his job. Wants people not to think that evanescence is Amy lee and now that he is not a part of Evanescence, so all Grammy awards are belong to Amy lee. and i believe he is half-part right. Creating engine of Evanescence was Ben. He can do a lot sort of other nice songs (as he proved by collaborating with other musicians and signers and his EP Mutiny Bootleg.)

    But he yet needs to show people and fans that Grammy (fallen) was his job… hence the name band and doing some works like fallen. I bet the next album would be completely original.

    About Carly Smithson, fans of evanescence say she is a illegal copy of Amy, but think like Ben: Amy is a nobody, look, i can have another girl in the band screaming like her. so she is not the one who won some prizes.

    I needed to say these for so long, but didn’t know where and when, thanks for being my reason!