• October 22, 2010
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Who is Jax Panik?

I am Jax Panik hit the shelves on 13 September. This album serves up 10 helpings of deliciously addictive over the top pop. The starter single, Get Up (if you’re hot), is playing up a storm on radio nationwide – currently No 14 on 5 FM’s Top 40!

Produced by Jax van Heerden and Johnny de Ridder, this album features a host of genres and unusual collaborations. I am Jax Panik is not only a sonic departure from their previous album, Cigarettes & Cinnamon, but also in terms of its visual identity.

The music video for Get Up, currently No 1 on MK’s Top 10, depicts a familiar face, one that you may recognise from previous Jax Panik videos and virals. A second version of this video, hitting MK this week, features a blurred face. A third and final version, to be released at the end of this month, will expose yet another dimension of obscurity, as Jax Panik reveals more and more of his NEW identity.

The new Jax Panik persona will be revealed in all its glory with the roll out of the second single and video – Dinosaur. The logo and cover shot of I am Jax Panik serves as a hint of what’s to come…

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Written by Sergio Pereira

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