• January 19, 2011
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Die Heuwels Fantasties: 2011 Is The Year Of Wilder As Die Wildtuin

“Die Heuwels Fantasties wishes everyone a helluva nice and prosperous 2011! And we want to thank everyone profusely for the support that gives us the opportunity to keep doing what we love. Take it easy, but take it.”- Die Heuwels Fantasties

Back to studio with them!

You draw a red circle around 11 March so long. That is the date that Die Heuwels Fantasties will be releasing their second album, Wilder as die Wildtuin and everyone is waiting with bated breath. The first part of the album was recorded at Sunset Studios, outside Stellenbosch, in October last year. The guys are shooting back to Jurgen von Wechmar today for another two weeks to complete the album.

In good company

Die Heuwels Fantasties have invited their friends once again to contribute to the album. Inge Beckman (Lark), Adriaan Brand (Springbok Nude Girls) en Ryk Benade (Kidofdoom) joins the safari. This album takes an interesting turn with the collaboration with Afrikaans singing legend, Coenie de Villiers on the song, Onbeplan. Coenie will join the guys in studio next week.

“I have always been a big fan of Hunter and Pierre’s work,” says Coenie de Villiers.

Out of the horses’ mouths – Pierre and Hunter on Wilder as die Wildtuin:

(Taken from their first studio diary entry last year.)

“When we listened to it in the car it sounded more selfish, more childish, more electro and more folk. In other words, more mature and comfortable with ourselves; ready to meet your mom in a pub in the National Park.

Our first album mainly represented the afternoons spent in our teenage neighbourhood and with the second album we initially wanted to paint evenings in the city. But I don’t think that Die Heuwels can become too dark. We don’t see the point. What happened then, is that we went further into our nostalgia. Conceptually we are still trying to make peace with ourselves. It will definitely sound different to the first album.”

The Process

“The song writing process has been reconsidered. Johnny, due to greener financial pastures, isn’t as intensively involved with the writing process as before, but he will still do the final mix. We have a young new genius in our creative midst, handling the computer, Fred Den Hartog, and Philip Erasmus behind the drum kit. This time we’ll be recording drums.”

The Sonic Landscape

“I think ‘Doodgewone Aand’ is a good indicator of the ‘harder’ sonic landscape of this new album. Sometimes it sounds like Coldplay mixed with Massive Attack and other times it sounds like Travelling Wilbury’s mixed with Coenie de Villiers. It will sound different to the first album, but it mainly sounds like us, you know?”
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Written by Sergio Pereira