10 Interesting Facts About Coldplay

The UK rockers are parachuting their way into South Africa in October. So, in anticipation, we’ve decided to compile a brief fact sheet to help build your knowledge on Coldplay. Check out these 10 interesting facts below:

1. Lead singer Chris Martin was born on 2 March 1977 in Exeter, Devon, England.

2. Coldplay have won 7 Grammy Awards.

3. To date, they’ve released four studio albums:  Parachutes (2000); A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002); X&Y (2005); and Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008).

4. Drummer Will Champion was the last member to join Coldplay. He actually joined the band on his birthday (31 July 1997).

5. The band was formed in 1996, but they only renamed themselves as Coldplay in 1998.

6. Chris Martin and guitarist Jon Buckland made cameo appearances in the 2004 British film Shaun of the Dead.

7. Their debut album, Parachutes, sparked 4 hit singles: ‘Shiver’, ‘Yellow’, ‘Trouble’, and ‘Don’t Panic’.

8. Bassist Guy Berryman was born on 12 April 1978 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.

9. Chris Martin is married to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. They have two children, Apple Blythe Alison Martin (born 14 May 2004) and Moses Bruce Anthony Martin (born 8 April 2006).

10. Guitarist Jonny Buckland is a huge fan of Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur.

Written by Sergio Pereira