Review: Afterlife Parade – Death

Sergio reviews Afterlife Parade’s Death.

Artist Name: Afterlife Parade
Album Name: Death
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock/Soft Rock
Label: Independent

Hearing singer/songwriter Quinn Erwin’s lyrics and concept ideas, you might be mistaken for thinking the dude is suicidal and about to off himself with a 9mm – but actually his story is about “comforting the mourning” or “the notion that death is a homecoming, rather than a reason for grief”.  Under the guise of Afterlife Parade, and in the first of a 2-part concept series, Death is a 6 track EP which focuses on fate, love, death and its aftermath – unquestionably, a topic that we can all relate to. Instead of looking at death as chucking someone into a hole for the maggots to chow on and watching your family drink themselves into a stuper, Erwin chose to portray the deadly D as something which should be triumphant and celebratory. High five to him.

Much like the 5 stages of loss and grief, Death will make you feel: (i) denial and isolation (wait, this release sounds too good – something must be up…); (ii) anger (his voice frustrates me and I hate him for forcing me to find my heart); (iii) bargaining (for hopefully another 2 more songs); (iv) depression (that it’ll end soon); and (v) acceptance. In short, Erwin’s soft rock approach will take you on a soul searching expedition and make you question your own mortality, superficial goals and the giant puzzle known as life (you’ll probably hug a loved one after hearing this EP). His fervent delivery of every word is astonishing and I cannot help but find numerous connections to the likes of The Fray, Leonard Cohen, Death Cab For Cutie, and Amos Lee – he’s a talented dude with a set of pipes and magical, emotive fingers, that’s for sure.

Produced by Jeremy McCoy (The Fray), Death is an extra special release that succeeds in announcing Quinn Erwin’s name to the world (well, I guess it’s just amplifying it, hypothetically). I’d recommend checking it out.

Best Tracks: ‘Death’, ‘Arrows Fly’, and ‘Afterlife Parade’


- Sergio Pereira

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Written by Sergio Pereira