Best South African Rock Band Of The Past Decade

Alright, we’ve covered the Top 100 South African Artists You Have To Hear, now we’re going to give you the option to vote for the best local rock act of the past decade. We’ve carefully selected 15 seminal bands from the last 10 years, and we’re leaving it up to you to decide who the winner should be (and no, we’re not going to edit names or delete any, so don’t even bother suggesting your friend’s band who’ve played one gig at Cool Runnings – that isn’t seminal). So, tell all your friends, and make sure the proper winner is selected. 3-2-1-GO!

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Written by Sergio Pereira

  • Anonymous

    Could you please explain how aKing (who are relative newbees with only 1 local hit) and Mean Mr.Mustard who are past their sell by date (with only 1 hit that was a cover)can be considered “seminal”? Thanks.

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  • anon

    The NArrow!!!!!!!

  • anon

    Parlatones definitely marketed themselves the best !!!!!!

  • Ohwow

    Once again I have fallen for participating in a poll. First of all, the Parlotones are not a rock band…I agree fully with Anonymous – Aking don’t qualify, neither do Zebra & Giraffe -who should be disqualified for their name, if nothing else. Seether are probably the right answer – but ask them which SA act got them to write their first song, and they’ll probably tell you the Nudies. For all his current crap, Arno C and the rest of the Nudies gave this country a taste of just how significant SA music culture can be. They started it all. Single-handedly. I’ll get off my box now…

  • anon

    Sis, how can the Parlotones tie for first place? It’s a ROCK list and they stopped playing rock with Radiocontrolledrobot.

    I would say only three have any real claim:
    Seether – for making it the biggest
    Nudies – for inspiring so many others
    Fokof – for busting down the door for everyone else by making “the masses” realise that South African music rocks… in english or Afrikaans. They single-handedly created the market in the 2000s. Before them we only had the rareties like the Nudies and co. who all operated on a smaller scale.

    P.S. aKING is the most prolific band currently on the list. No other rock band (sorry Parlotones) can match their consistent, high-quality output that regularly tops local retailers top sellers lists.

  • Tupac

    “the parlatones” – no one

  • Bel

    Best and most popular are not the same thing I guess. The Parlotones may be the most popular band in SA, but that doesn’t make them the best or most talented (by a long shot!)If I had to choose bands that really fitted the description seminal, I would say Springbok Nude Girls, Wonderboom, Sugardrive and Squeal. They were the bands that changed the face of SA music in the nineties, and, for the most part, are still producing amazing work. They are amazingly talented and not at all formulaic..the same could be said for Fokof & aKing, and I suppose Seether as well.

  • Josh

    Tree 63 = ‘Bon Jehovi’

  • Rhyan Rockingrolling Rudman

    Seether Fokof Narrow & Nudies

  • http://Gmail Zeko

    Just the yummy young boy’s

  • Roozbeh

    i am from Iran and i lick rock music about south African bands i thick that seether and i know that they are one of the best band ever

  • derick


  • john

    Parlotones.. best and most succesful South African band..EVER