Review: Iwrestledabearonce – Ruining It For Everybody

Palmer reviews IWABO’s Ruining It for Everybody.

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Artist Name: Iwrestledabearonce
Album Name:  Ruining It for Everybody
Genre: Grindcore/Experimental Metal
Year: 2011
Label: Century Media Records

The fine folks of Iwrestledabearonce are back with their signature brand of humorous experimental grindcore on their new album, Ruining It for Everybody. After the splash they made in the metal scene with their last album, It’s All Happening, their sophomore debut has a lot to live up to. I am glad to say that this album lives up to every ounce of hype.

It has been a while since I’ve been so impressed by a metal act. IWABO constantly maintains a heavy, chaotic sound that remains fresh and inventive and never seems to drag on or assume a repetitive nature. Introductions of electronic elements such as samples, synth beats, and random effects help keep a different pace and accompany the more traditional instruments quite well.

IWABO’s songwriting has matured immensely. While their writing style is still best described as a sort of musical ADD, the band has harnessed their immense and frenzied creativity in a way that can appeal to people who desire a more conventional writing style. Riffs are repeated more than twice and choruses begin to make their appearances within songs.

Steven Bradley’s creative and boisterous signature guitar sound is back and definitely will not appeal to everyone, but those that take the time to adapt to his style will definitely find some amazing ingenuity within each track. Sampling, keyboards, and well defined programming help define songs and offer a welcome change of pace when things get a bit too chaotic. IWABO have done a brilliant job of matching soft mellow tones with noisy piercing blasts to create refreshing and confident music that’s incredibly fun to listen to.

With all this complementing of the instrumentals, I would be foolish to overlook Krysta Cameron’s incredibly polished vocals. Her scream is as crisp as ever and it’s clear that this past year of constant touring and writing has helped her find her niche. She defines this album. Her singing is beautiful and serine. Amidst the pandemonium that her fellow band members present, she is able to create a welcome and well-defined siren song that grabs the listener’s attention as soon as she sings.

If you haven’t given IWABO a chance, then what are you waiting for? As far as I’m concerned, you’re running out of excuses.

Best Tracks: ‘Karate Nipples’, ‘Next Visible Delicious’, ‘This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain’, and ‘Button It Up’.


- Palmer Sturman

Written by Palmer Sturman

Palmer Sturman currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. He's a fiend for all things distorted, noisy, and covered in tattoos but he's not averse to the softer stuff. He's an uninteresting man doing interesting things and you can follow his antics @sturmsworth.

  • Sergio Pereira

    Cool. I just got the album. Gonna give it a listen. Don’t disappoint me, Palmer.