Review: Voodoo Highway – Broken Uncle’s Inn

Sergio reviews Voodoo Highway’s Broken Uncle’s Inn.

Artist Name: Voodoo Highway
Album Name: Broken Uncle’s Inn
Year: 2011
Genre: Classic Hard Rock
Label: Rock N Growl

Having read the release sheet for Italian rockers Voodoo Highway’s debut album, Broken Uncle’s Inn, I kind of feared the worst, to be honest. Every time a modern band goes retro, it often becomes a conglomerated f**k up – and I’m still being polite. Commonly, the album ends up sounding like a bad band imitating their childhood heroes and becoming a bit of a joke.

So, when Broken Uncle’s Inn clicks over from the intro to ‘Till It Bleeds’, then to ‘The Fire Will Burn Away, and then ‘J.C. Superf*ck’, I pause the album for a second, scratch my head, and say to myself, “Hang on. This is actually pretty good.” Make no mistake, Voodoo Highway are still dipping into the past for a few ideas (and are about as novel as a boy band in the late 90s), but they’ve learnt all the tricks, packaged them and added a healthy spoon of catchiness to generate a bomb of a rock album.

Expect to hear a classic hard rock album, exuding with an abundance of great guitars, over-the-top-80s-esque vocals, banging drums and solid rhythm, and, my personal favourite, retro organ riffs that bring back the whole 70s rock vibe. The songs are so catchy, in fact, that you’ll struggle to pinpoint just one or two favourites – truth be told, the only song that I don’t care much for is ‘Heaven with No Stars’, which starts off brilliantly, but then blasts off into nowhere and becomes a horrible power ballad.

If I had a hat, I’d take it off to Voodoo Highway for the excellent work displayed on Broken Uncle’s Inn, but I don’t – so, maybe, you should buy the album and support them or something.

Best Tracks: ‘Till It Bleeds’, ‘J.C. Superf*ck’, and ‘Running Around’


- Sergio Pereira

Written by Sergio Pereira