Review: Megadeth – TH1RT3EN

“Megadeth have delivered another ripper in the form of the crafty TH1RT3EN…”

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Artist Name: Megadeth
Album Name: TH1RT3EN
Year: 2011
Genre: Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records

Three things got me excited about Megadeth’s TH1RT3EN. Firstly, it’s the legendary band’s 13th studio album. Secondly, it features the return of bass master Dave Ellefson. And thirdly, it contains some reworks of demos and riffs from the good ol’ days (I’m a sucker for nostalgia, yet my therapist says that I suffer from adjustment disorders).  Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we?

TH1RT3EN commences with the apocalyptic opener ‘Sudden Death’, which most of you should be familiar with if you play Guitar Hero; the track itself is more about sustaining an ominous mood than being completely sonically crushing like some of the other rivets of TH1RT3EN. ‘Sudden Death’ is immediately followed by the first single ‘Public Enemy No. 1’, which drifts more towards hard rock than metal (it becomes a distinctive characteristic of several songs off of TH1RT3EN, and makes you wonder if producer Johnny K was behind this), but possesses a typical Megadeth bridge, unforgettable chorus and fret-burning solo that’ll please Dave Mustaine’s legions.  ‘Whose Life (Is It Anyways)?’ and ‘Black Swan’ did nothing for me, before ‘We the People’ took me by the throat and reminded me about what initially made me fall in love with Megadeth.  Other notable high points include the rifftastic ‘Never Dead’, high-octane charged ‘Fast Lane’, wrecking ball rocker ‘Wrecker’, the dramatic ‘13’ (Ellefson was correct in comparing it to ‘In My Darkest Hour’), and the reworks, ‘Millennium of the Blind’ and ‘New World Order’, which sound polished and modernised for the 21st Century. Overall, you’re presented with a fairly diverse selection of songs that keep you entertained for close to an hour – I wouldn’t say that there are any real bad songs, just one or two that don’t keep up with the rest and feel out of place.

There are many who crave a Rust in Peace or Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying? part 2, but let’s be honest, which band wants to create the same album twice? Overall, Megadeth have delivered another ripper in the form of the crafty TH1RT3EN. I recommend it.

Best Tracks: ‘We the People’, ‘Never Dead’ and ‘13’


- Sergio Pereira

Written by Sergio Pereira