Band of the Week: AllurA

Los Angeles’ AllurA is MusicReview’s “Band of the Week”.

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Coming at you with an aggressive edge, yet still keeping their feet planted in the melodic waters, AllurA are tearing through everything in their path. Having performed on every Warped Tour from 2007-2010, as well as playing extensively throughout the Los Angeles circuit, this band has particularly impressed us with their sophomore full-length, True Colors, which really gets the party started with its educated beats and tight rhythm sections, swift interchange between hardcore chugs and machine-gun riffing, melodic leads and metaltastic vocals. Taking the best from metalcore, punk, metal, hardcore  and throwing in some electronic influences for good measure, AllurA have created a genre-transcending sound, which is all but their own.

Hailing from the South Bay of Los Angeles, AllurA consists of brothers, Chris Bartholomew (vocals) & A.J. Bartholomew (lead guitar/vocals), Taylor Killam (rhythm guitar/vocals), Adam Romine (bassist) and Brandon Brown (drums).

AllurA’s True Colors is out now via Hardline Entertainment.

Written by Sergio Pereira