Review: Sebastian Bach – Kicking & Screaming

“Sebastian Bach is doing what he does best on Kicking & Screaming…”

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Artist Name: Sebastian Bach
Album Name: Kicking & Screaming
Year: 2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Frontiers Records

Forget everything you know (or think you know) about Sebastian Bach. Erase the memories of Skid Row, his friendship with Axl Rose, his rather eccentric (yet funny) interviews and the Fabio-esque pictures. Once you’ve managed to do this, listen to Kicking & Screaming, free of preconceived notions. Not bad, eh?

Hair flowing, guitars glowing and vocals roaring, Sebastian Bach is doing what he does best on Kicking & Screaming. Stuck firmly in 1989, this release is all about the swagger, leather and sex – you can almost smell it on the sleeve (either that, or someone rubbed their member against this CD). Rather predictably, the album is an assortment of booming hard rock wailers in the form of the title track (‘Kicking & Screaming’), ‘Dance on Your Grave’ and ‘Dirty Power’, some radio-friendly charmers (such as ‘Caught in a Dream’ and ‘As Long As I Got the Music’), and, obviously, the power ballads (‘I’m Alive’, ‘Dream Forever’ and ‘Wishin’’). Don’t be fooled: Kicking & Screaming is as predictable as mac and cheese, but, much like the cheesy dish, it’s somewhat tasty when you finally take it in. As per usual, Bach’s vocals are outstanding, and he is also matched all the way by a group of competent musicians (heck, even John 5 makes an appearance); all these factors put together ensure that Kicking & Screaming will leave you doing exactly that for more.

Searching for a release with banging rhythm, top notch vocals and the attitude of glam metal? Check this album out, then. If you hate the ‘80s glam/hair metal scene with a passion, I’d recommend giving this one a skip.

Best Tracks: ‘Kicking & Screaming’, ‘Dirty Power’ and ‘Dream Forever’


- Sergio Pereira

Written by Sergio Pereira