Review: Crash Street Kids – Sweet Creatures

Sweet Creatures is a throwback to the good old days…”

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Artist Name: Crash Street Kids
Album Name: Sweet Creatures
Year: 2011
Genre: Glam Rock
Label: Vanity Music Group

Drenched in sleaze and glittering with glam, Crash Street Kids’ Sweet Creatures is a throwback to the good old days, where perms were still cool and rock had a ballsy attitude. Resonating with the same attitude as T. Rex, Alice Cooper, David Bowie and Sweet, Sweet Creatures is a concept album about 2 runaways, who form a “Bonnie and Clyde” bond in a filthy, crime-ridden world. Divided over 2 acts, the album is a welcome revisit to the era of tainted rock and swagger-filled tracks, which will get the beers flowing, girls stripping and heads banging. Across the 11 songs, Crash Street Kids confirm they are equally adept at belting out the ballads (‘3rd Avenue Vampires’) as they are at riffing down the house (‘Sweet Creatures’) with ease – I told you that this is old school rock.  Regrettably, the band perhaps took their revisit to the past a bit too literally, because there are moments where the production and recording quality of the album lets down the overall value of the songs (it does sound like it was recorded in 1982). All things considered, Crash Street Kids’ Sweet Creatures remains an entertaining listen, which is sure to hit the mark with older fans of rock ‘n’ roll.

Best Tracks: ‘Sweet Creatures’, ‘Bang, Bang! (You’re Beautiful)’, and ‘Mary, Queen of the Rock’


- Frankie Styxx

Written by Sergio Pereira

  • A.D. Adams

    Love ya, Frankie!!!
    Thanks for the review!!

    I’m A.D. (drummer) for CRASH STREET KIDS, and I just wanted to thank you(from me and the band)for taking the time to check out our disc!
    Glad you liked it, Brutha….

    I thought that what you said about the sound quality of the disc was actually the most complimentary part of the review, since that is exactly the sound we were going for (well, truthfully, we’d-a been happier if it sounded like it was recorded in 1974! But we’re workin’ on it!!!

    We’ve had “major labels” courting us, but all of ‘em wanted us to “up-date” our sound. In fact, our studio is equipped with all of the state-of-the-art gizmos and gadgetry, and we have the technology and the knowledge on how to get our records to sound like a “modern” record. But that’s not what we do!! the LAST thing we want is to sound like Nickelback or Coldplay. Or ANY of the current silliness on the public airwaves!

    We want to write and record in the mode that makes us happy. The records we listen to sound and “feel” a certain way. We want a CRASH STREET KIDS’ record to “feel” the same way, cuz that’s the shit that feels the BEST to us! We’d sell our Moms for someone to tell us that a certain CSK song reminds them of “Hymn For The Dudes” or “Gudbuy T’ Jane”!!!

    Thanks, Brutha’ Frankie, for being a CSK fan! CRASH STREET KIDS are definitley FRANKIE STYXX fans!!!

    Cheers, mate..
    A.D. Adams