Review: The Spindle Sect – Bubonic Tronic

“The Spindle Sect can take pride over the fact that no-one sounds like them. Not even close…”

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Artist Name: The Spindle Sect
Album Name: Bubonic Tronic
Year: 2012
Genre: Hip Hop/Metal/Electronica
Label: The Venus Fridge

Describing themselves as a hybrid of hip hop and metal, no-one seems to have told The Spindle Sect that it isn’t 1999 anymore. However, do not fear: their debut full-length, Bubonic Tronic, isn’t the second coming of Fred Durst’s red cap.

The South African-born group aren’t just mixing hip hop and metal – no, they’re throwing electronica and sci-fi (yes, I said sci-fi) into this mind-boggling concoction. Sounding like the wet dream of any Star Wars-loving LANer with a mild interest in Skindred and (hed)P.E., The Spindle Sect have demolished boundary lines with Bubonic Tronic.

At first, the album confuses you more than Gossip Girl’s plot twists (particularly the ever-changing vocal styles), but after a couple of listens, you get into the hang of it, bopping your head along – bar ‘Lowdown’; I just can’t get into this song at all. However, as with any album, there are notable highlights. The shining lights of Bubonic Tronic are: The Incredible Hulk smash-hit ‘Salute to the Gamma Ray Vengeance’ (see what I did there?), the gangsta bouncer ‘Escape Route’, the power-mosher ‘DNA’, and the shovelling rhythm of ‘Move Dead Bodies’.

Overall, Bubonic Tronic is a unique listen. The Spindle Sect can take pride over the fact that no-one sounds like them. Not even close.

Best Tracks: ‘DNA’, ‘Move Dead Bodies’, and ‘Salute to the Gamma Ray Vengeance’


- Sergio Pereira

Written by Sergio Pereira