Review: Linkin Park – LIVING THINGS

LIVING THINGS is the band at its finest in years…”

Artist Name: Linkin Park
Year: 2012
Alternative Rock/Electronic Rock
Label: Warner

Having heard ‘Burn It Down’ a few months ago, I was already convinced that LIVING THINGS was going to be a million times better than A Thousand Suns (I consider it Linkin Park’s Lulu). You see, since Minutes to Midnight, I haven’t expected another Hybrid Theory or Meteora; I’ve just prayed for Linkin Park to write a good album – irrespective of genre or fan expectations – because bands evolve and change. So, get over it.

Well, it seems like my prayers have been heard, because LIVING THINGS is the band at its finest in years. Sure, there are still the blandly dud radio-friendly tracks (namely: ‘In My Remain’, which will be a shoo-in as the official song for Transformers 4, and the fittingly titled closer, ‘Powerless’), but you’ve also got Linkin Park at their most vicious, such as on the heavier than hell, ‘Victimized’, and the scream sections of ‘Lost in the Echo’ and ‘Lies Greed Misery’, and energetic.

The most noticeable characteristic of LIVING THINGS is that the rock is back at the forefront – not like the blatant musical dress-up of Massive Attack with U2 wristbands on A Thousand Suns, which failed miserably. The album is certainly a return-to-roots i.e. the big guitar hooks, giant choruses and Chester Bennington’s crazy-good voice, while the healthy layer of electronics is only utilised to accentuate the songs. For example, tracks, such as ‘Lost in the Echo’, ‘I’ll Be Gone’, ‘Skin to Bone’ and ‘Until It Breaks’, shine even more brightly because of the injection of electronica. In short, LIVING THINGS is firmly planted in rock territory with an electro twist.

Let’s be blunt here: no matter what Linkin Park produce, there will be those who’ll always cry for the days of Meteora or Hybrid Theory – but that’s not going to happen. The group has constantly reaffirmed that they’ve moved away from the nu metal sound. However, if you listen to LIVING THINGS with an open mind, you’ll probably find it to be a really good alternative rock fused with electronica record. Welcome back to the party, LP!

Best Tracks: ‘Lost in the Echo’, ‘I’ll Be Gone’, and ‘Victimized’


- Sergio Pereira

Written by Sergio Pereira

  • jaideep

    best album..of linkinpark….even though its different…living things album is epic

  • Geoffrey Chisnall

    Nice review Sergio :)

    I agree with you! LP are back and it’s great!

  • Sergio Pereira

    Thanks, guys.

    Any favourite tracks?

  • Geoffrey Chisnall

    Burn It Down, Lost In The Echo and In My Remains.

  • Alex Mathew

    I like – Castle of Glass, Lies Greed Misery, Burn it Down.
    Those are the best that I like from the album. LP You guys rock
    Amazing voice of Chester & Mike with Joe’s touch in the Art and Delson’s Guitar put everything on fire.
    Folk kindof song is preety awesome.
    All the very Best LP.

  • kwam25

    This is Linkin Park’s best album. They’ve moved on from being the “next” great American rock band and morphing into something more. Living Things has a universal vibe, theme, and feel to it. I’m sick of people saying they want the old Linkin Park back. Those people who foolishly clamor for such are themselves stuck in the past. Linkin Park is moving on and in their quest to become the greatest rock band in the world (Radiohead) I will support them in their endeavors. Favorite tracks, “Lies Greed Misery” “Victimize” “Until it breaks” & “Roads Untraveled” Overall a superior effort by Shinoda, Chester, Phoenix, Brad, Rubin, etc.

  • Manuel

    I think A Thousand Suns was a great album. I don’t know what were you expecting, but Minutes to Midnight (in my opinion) is the best LP’s album; and the most complex one. If you asked us to be more opened minded, try to do that you too. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, I’m from Argentina.

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  • Kawther

    This album at first confused me…maybe cuz i was soo attached to LP’s previous albums. But when i listened to the new album i’ve became hooked! It gets boring listening to the same music over and over. And thats why i like linkin park! They change…you guys rock LP!!!

  • N S

    Anyone who thinks Minutes to Midnight is their best album is retarded. That being said this is probably their best since Meteora and it doesn’t disappoint as much as Minutes to Midnight or A Thousand Suns did

  • Manuel


  • Manuel

    It depends on what you’re looking for. I look for a complex band. And LP has complex characteristics. Each album is different form the one before. I love all of them, each one makes me feel different things. Don’t be monotonous.

  • HybridTheoryAddict

    I refuse to accept the fact that LP has completely changed their genre through good reason, I say this due to the fact that LP started off with Hybrid Theory & Meteora, every true LP fan adores EVERY SINGLE track off those two ablums. Personally I feel like LP is know going for the single hits other than amazing full on nu metal hits they used to pull off, to this day I still enjoy the nu metal due to the fact that it sounds like its way ahead of its time. I think that they have lost that initial spark and it really is a shame to see 2 albums lasting years.

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