BattleVote Round 2 Match 4 – Beloved vs. Revery

It’s BattleVote. It’s Round 2. It’s Beloved vs. Revery.

BattleVote Round 2 has had some very close battles so far. OneDaySky only just managed hold off Shout Hey! and won with 51% of the vote. At the time of writing, Match 2 between Poverty Of Ideals and Wake To Wonder is also very close with Wake To Wonder ahead with 56% of the vote. The first match of Round 3 will feature OneDaySky vs. A Fate Like Yours on Monday, 8 July 2013.

Today’s battle is between grunge rockers Beloved and female-fronted rockers Revery.

Beloved pulled off an upset and managed to hold a huge victory of 59% of the vote against one of the tournament’s favourites, CrashCarBurn. Clever and aggressive marketing, and loving and die hard fans, are pushing and promoting this talented band. We’re excited to see how they will do in Round 2. Beloved’s nominated track is ‘Sold Me’. Find out more about Beloved at their Facebook page.

Revery is new to the scene and defeated Flatlander in their BattleVote match with 55% of the vote. There is something very special about this band and we’re keen to see them live and monitor their progress on the scene. Revery’s nominated track is ‘Revery’. You can find out more about Revery over at their Facebook page.

[poll id=”57″]

Voting is open for 48 hours – the poll will close on Saturday, 6 July at 12h00. You can vote once from each device, or once from each browser. Blackberries are generally retarded when it comes to polls (because of their IP range), and you might not be able to vote from your Blackberry. Give it a try anyway. We’re monitoring all polls for cheaters, vote riggers and proxy fiddlers and will take appropriate action where necessary.

Leave a comment and let us know who you voted for and why. At the end of BattleVote SA, one random commentator will win a cash prize of R300.

For further details on how this all works, see the original BattleVote SA post over here. For the list of fixtures and tournament schedule see this article over here.

Enjoy the tournament, have your say and discover local talent.

Written by Bret Dugmore

Bret is MusicReview's founder and editor. He has an eclectic taste in music, but has a particular soft spot for prog rock, punk and alternative. When not listening to music or working, you will most likely find him on his PS3 or cooking.

  • Tristan

    Beloved, no question. Unique sound, fresh appeal, awesome on stage and good at what they do. Yeah!

  • Mic

    Beloved for the win, grand prize and interview!

  • Lethe


  • Busi


  • Robo


  • wakaakka

    Revery all the way!

  • http://BattleVote Ri


  • RE

    Beloved! FFTW!

  • God bless America

    REVERY!!! A South African band who didn’t try to sound like seether!…

  • LordChaos

    Revery has some awesome lead and the dude’s voice is awesome but the song is lacking something. Beloved on the other hand… wow… speechless at how amazing that video is.

  • PeterPan

    Vote goes to the band with the dude from Isidingo!
    The Revery song drags a bit.

  • Dean

    Beloved. Brilliant music with a video that is random. In a decidedly good way. It’s all about the random.

  • Hick

    Beloved. It’s only really when you hear this band live, and hear the change-ups in their songs that you appreciate just how unique they are. This song though, has that ‘stickability’ that you can’t shake unless you poison yourself with commercial pop on shuffle. As for the video, it’s pure class. Revery’s song has a great guitar solo, but it’s lacking hooks and that ‘play me again’ appeal. On the plus, there’s hints of if ‘Garbage’ and ‘Paramore’ had a love-child in there. Either way, SA music is on the rise.

  • Stab star

    I voted for REVERY because they don’t suck.

  • Jacqui

    REVERY! Duuuh!!!

  • Benji Smith

    Beloved of course! Keeping grunge grungy!!!you guys as girls ROCK!

  • Shelly

    Beloved! Have had that song in my head since yesterday! The Revery song isn’t bad, but my vote is definitely for Beloved. Well done guys!

  • LeighL22

    Beloved all the way, seen them live, love their songs, the fact that they don’t rely on covers to make them popular, and Ive seen their fans! hardcore die hard fans! love beloved!

  • Gerhard

    Beloved! Amazing video, great song, can’t wait to see what else they deliver!

  • Briony

    Beloved is Awsome!!! WE LOVE THEM music is great:-)

  • Mark

    Revery for me. The bass player is much cleaner on the notes

  • kanko

    im just reading the comments and people saying beloved unique sound? honest opinion they sound like seether. not biased opinion i dont support either band just saying

  • Painkilla

    Weird how some bands get more votes than they have likes on Facebook. #justsaying

  • micheal winston

    just listened to these bands for the first time wow both did a good job! only thing i can say though is that if this is a search for unique music then revery must win this round as they are making prog rock easy on the ear. beloved unfortunately (for me atleast) sound a little too much like seether / saron gas.

  • Lethe

    Morpheus asks you: What if told you that there are platforms to advertise bands other than Facebook…?

    But I must say, Beloved have a great video.

  • Painkilla

    @Lethe – *cough* mmkay, but not convinced this is the case in this poll. And all this blah blah about who sounds like who. Let’s be honest, David Grey sounds like Damien Rice in terms of style. Revery sound like Garbage, Paramore blah dee blah, Beloved sound like Seether, Bush, Nirvana. Who cares right? All those bands/artists made it global, so what difference does it really make in the grander scheme of things or to who wins this? These bands are completely different either way. It’s a battle here, but outside of this site there’s no war that I’m aware of.

  • Lethe

    I agree with your last statement regarding that it doesn’t really matter. The whole thing is to bring each band some exposure and for fun. There can never be a comparison in music anyways.
    I don’t think that Revery sound like Paramore though (other than both having great singers). Paramore is quite punk. I wouldn’t call Revery punk. But even that doesn’t matter, does it?
    But a bit of trash talk never hurt anyone, and no one should take it too seriously. ;)

  • Beth

    REVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re so beautifully unique, and to see something like this enter the mix, music is about to evolve baby!
    Beloved is not bad, but they’re not very different from what I’ve heard before. Feels like Alzheimer’s

  • Revery

    Hey all!
    What an epic battle and we’re having lots of nailbiting fun watching the polls.
    As far as we are concerned, this battle benefits both bands. As long as there are listeners listening to both bands and our names getting out there, it’s a win! hopefully some of our fans will enjoy Beloved music and become their fans and vice versa. There is no rule that says you can only support one band. Maybe for this battle, but otherwise we all get some exposure! We support all music! No place for negativity!

  • Painkilla

    @Revery thank you, precisely my point. Loyal fans is a given, but no need to be rude or negative towards a band you don’t follow. I support both bands, you’re both doing a good job – just don’t like unnecessary knit-icking against Beloved in this case. You both have my support.

  • Painkilla


  • Painkilla

    or is it nitpicking? You get my point.

  • Beloved

    Hello everyone!

    First of all, thank you to everyone who has voted, regardless of who your chosen band is – you rock, simply for showing your support and taking the time to join in on the poll.

    We are truly grateful to all our fans who have had such kind words for us, you’re the reason we’ve made it this far.

    This may be a battle, but let’s keep things light and have fun, that’s the whole point!

    To Revery, all the best, you guys have a good sound and have a great future ahead of you and we look forward to sharing line-ups with you in future. It’s an honour!

    All the best guys, and thank you for being a part of this – exposure and promotion for all, irrespective of the contest!

    Much love,

  • jax


  • Lydia

    Revery !!! Beloved’s music overshadowed by the music video and storyline. Revery let their music speak for itself. Wishing Revery every success!

  • Duncan

    REVERY > Beloved

  • Jane

    Revery – Beloved

  • Bret Dugmore

    The poll has been closed and the votes have been tallied. 9 votes were cast and registered after 12h00 and have been removed from Beloved’s tally. 5 votes were cast and registered after 12h00 and have been removed from Revery’s total.

    The final score is Revery 243 votes vs. Beloved 241 votes. Congratulations to Revery who won by the narrowest margin we’ve ever seen. They’re through to Round 3 of BattleVote.

    Wow, the closest match yet. Well done to everyone involved.

  • Brendon

    Reckon this was rigged….. Would love to see the actual votes to see how many times revery double voted!

  • Sam

    Come guys. No need for nastiness even though I do tend to agree with the last comment as I have checked on both bands’ followings and it doesn’t quite sit well with me. However this was a friendly battle for upcoming bands for exposure. Some of the comments weren’t necessary though. If u don’t like a band rather STFU. These kids are trying and negativity at this level isn’t constructive. Fit in or F off.

  • nico

    I like Revery a lot better! Beloved was not bad but I just cant get the dudes voice… not natural, and it sounds like he is working hard at sounding like someone else. The same for the video… too much film school, too little music, it somehow doesnt gel. I did however think that beloved was quite creative in the vid and even liked most of it, I just wondered when the music was eventually going to start… that is all that I am really interested in (MTV for later guys)
    I like Revery’s song especially the guitar solos. I think the keyboards could come a bit more to the fore though. Overall very refreshing, original and inteligent

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  • VanCoob

    I don’t think the best band won in this round, but by the looks at the fixtures, I doubt a rock band will win this whether they are progressive or not. The winner will be a metal band, without a doubt.

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