Video: Stereophonics – We Share The Same Sun

Winter is still upon us. Despite the deceptive sunny weather, there are the odd chills that delve deep into the bone. Pair this with the fact that it is a Monday and there seems to be absolutely no motivation to get out of bed.

Mondays don’t always have to be like this though. Let alone marred by the icy clutches of winter.The solution is simple. If you can’t physically find your source of warmth, source it from somewhere else- like a song perhaps? How about a song aptly titled, ‘We Share The Same Sun?”

‘We Share The Same Sun’ is the latest music video release from Welsh crooners Stereophonics, taken off their new album, ‘Graffiti on the Train.’ While it’s not the most inventive music video (It reminds me a lot of Coldplay’s ‘Speed of Sound’) it’s clear that the director decided to showcase a more vulnerable side to the band to fit the overall mood that the song creates.

The video features a typical band performance brought to life by a kaleidoscope of projected colour. Not an original concept or execution but once coupled with the enigmatic presence of frontman Kelly Jones and his rather arresting vocals, you can’t help but be momentarily swept away by this iridescent realm.

Here’s one way to dispel the Monday blues.

See the video below.

Written by Navina C

Navina’s musical love affair began long before she could speak. In fact, her very first words were “Rock & Roll.” Partially true story. When she isn’t getting her face melted, she is obsessing over TV deadlines, Tim Burton films and her next cup of tea.